Think Mobile: The Experience of a University towards more Complex Services

Christian Cousquer


Among adaptations of existing services, progressive enhancements, (perceived) performances, Mobile First or MultiTouch First and Responsive Design conceptions, without any dogmatism, this is an unpretentious attempt to think Mobile and Desktop at University Pierre & Marie Curie-Sorbonne Universités - viewed from the Front-End side - through three examples of deployment: a new version of an existing Portal solution -uPortal/uMobile 4-, the University Pierre & Marie Curie on iTunes U site and a home made Video Library and their Video Capture Workflow.
I will focus on the Context, the Web Context, the historical adoption of software, the Institution, sometimes all this looks like a fine mess, but strangely and with reactivity, things may be done progressively, I will talk about concepts and issues we've encountered at the University Pierre & Marie Curie.
There is a French expression « Diable se cache dans les details » literally: “The devil lurks in the details”- in English, the same expression is “Success lies in the details”, so strange, isn't it?


Mobile; desktop; frontend; portal; Apereo; uPortal; uMobile; html5; css3; JavaScript

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.021


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