Cloud Service Delivery Across the R&E Community - Opportunities and Risks

Karl Meyer, Panos Louridas, Andres Steijaert, Fulvio Galeazzi, Miroslav Ruda, Branko Radojevic


Cloud computing, and cloud services in particular, offer the Research and Education sector huge opportunities to both maximise effectiveness and reduce the capital investment and development time to deliver results. By utilising shared and off-the-shelf services for commodity activities, the R&E community can refocus its design, development and support resources into those fields that cannot be easily provided by the commercial sector.

Cloud computing empowers users to select and use the services they really want, in an easy and often economically attractive manner. The broad standardisation of service delivery offers substantial advantages with scalability and user acceptance. By using services that the users have had experience of outside the R&E community, training requirements can be minimised and personal efficiency can be improved.

The scalability of cloud services also allows rapid expansion or contraction of capacity as the project requires with minimal penalties. This near-linear cost model allows easier budgeting and financial control.


Cloud Services; Standards; Data Integrity; Brokerage; Best Practice; Research; Education

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.062


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