Alexander Gromoff, Nikolay Kazantsev, Mikhail Ponfilenok, Julia Stavenko


Nowadays there are various views on the future of business architecture. On the one hand, it’s getting strongly influenced by IT: information flows are growing rapidly and walls between the departments or even sub-companies are dissolving or at least start to fade. On the other hand, business architecture incumbents are not often ready for quick e-transformations due to their silos: inner friction, employees and “as-is” processes. The scope of the new range of architecture seems to be an interdisciplinary combination of the approaches and is getting out of concept layer. In this study an analysis of co-adoption of several modern concepts of the new enterprise architecture creation- real-time business processes generation on the global cloud-based self-generated business service basis is provided.
The feedback loop makes business processes as visible for corrections as locally efficient. The architecture itself takes the responsibility for the global efficiency and strategy goals achievement. The main obstacle for such business development or reengineering on a platform of basic or referential patterns is a ‘human factor’, which is a key issue in resource usage for such processes.


Business architecture; Enterprise architecture (EA); Subject-oriented Business Process Management (S-BPM); SOA; Real-time Business Architecture (RBA); Cloud Computing; SOA 2.0; BigData center

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.060


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