Innovative OpenSource Technologies for a CRIS: SURplus, a CINECA’s solution

Federico Ferrario, Susanna Mornati, Davide Palena, Andrea Bollini, Sergio Bilello


SURplus is the CINECA’s best-of-breed solution for a CRIS, Current Research Information System. It is an IT platform that makes it easy to collect and manage data on research activities and outputs within an organization. Researchers, administrators and evaluators are given all the tools needed to monitor research results, enhance visibility and efficiently allocate available resources
One of the strengths of SURplus is that it sets new trends for IT support to CRIS, proposing and adopting innovative solutions to meet research need for governance. The decision to develop the solution on several open-source standards confirms this attitude. This paper describes the use of three solutions applied to different modules of SURplus CRIS platform.


CRIS; Open Archive; DSpace; open-source; SOLR; Carrot2; search engine; Business Intelligence; SAIKU; datawarehouse; dissemination; governance; research; CINECA

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.053


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EUNIS 2013


ISBN  978-9934-10-433-6 - online