The UCISA Community and its achievements: UK good practice resources

Anna Mathews, Peter Tinson


UCISA, the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association, is a membership organisation representing those responsible for delivering information management systems and technology services in universities, colleges and other institutions. UCISA membership is institutional and has almost 100% coverage within the higher education sector in the UK. UCISA also has over 90 corporate members.
UCISA's aims are to promote best practice through events, awards, and publications, and to represent the interests of its members through lobbying, responding to consultations, and building relationships with other groups (typically through UCISA’s active involvement in committees and working parties).
The poster showcases the achievements of the UCISA community, with particular attention to the resources produced by UCISA’s specialist interest groups and communities of practice. Recent examples include: an information security toolkit which 15 universities have used to derive policies from; a briefing paper on cloud computing aimed at non-technical senior managers; an ITIL readiness assessment tool; a guide for engaging with academics in the use of technology enhanced learning and case studies on the provision of wireless access.
UCISA publications, case studies and event materials (presentations, streamed content and other post–event resources) are freely available to colleagues across the UK and internationally at


Best practice; communities of practice; special interest groups; resources

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.039


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