The importance of information logistics for successful implementation of EU research projects

Maja Mikšić, Ljerka Luić


In research projects, information logistics is becoming an increasingly important link between all project phases and elements and their stakeholders, the implementation of which is unthinkable without using ICT. The answers to the question 'How important?' are elaborated in the paper, which describes the development of information logistics used in the implementation of the INTREPID project funded by the EU fund IPA intended for investing in knowledge and innovation. The importance of information logistics is supported by information on the complexity of storing documents and data, the extensiveness and complexity of reporting and communication between project stakeholders is analyzed through all project phases: from project idea development and implementation of project activities to project completion. The extensiveness and complexity of reporting defined by the EU rules, procedures and forms additionally indicate the importance of information logistics in successful monitoring and management of research projects. All this leads to the conclusion that information logistics is irreplaceable in all phases of the external and internal project cycle, the efficiency of which would be largely supported by an integrated information system developed and applicable on the level of all EU research projects.


Information logistics; research project; EU funded; ICT; INTREPID

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.032


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