Education of the 21st century – Social Learning with SAP solutions

Rob Jonkers


Education institutions today face huge challenges in order to fulfill the demands of their student ‘customers’ and manage their success. In the 21st century, these key customers are used to communicating and collaborating at any place, and at any time on personal matters, and they expect to manage their academic lifecycle in the same manner. The challenges for the education institutions are to embed these requirements in their initial strategy, and position the technology for availability, execution and operation.
SAP Success Factors provides the opportunity to leverage our ‘administration’ focused Student Information System (SIS) called SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) to a higher level; a ‘Learning Platform’ level. This learning portfolio functionally extends both a best-in-class leading cloud collaboration tool with a world class cloud LMS system. These solutions bring the potential to enable our SIS with both ‘social learning’ capabilities, with E-Learning and Virtual Classroom capabilities.
The major driver for SAP development of this integration is the market demand for a cloud-based ‘learning platform’ that enables an education institution to mobilize the student lifecycle with ‘collaboration’ and ‘delivery’ services.
In this presentation the diverse components/services of the integration will be discussed and demonstrated by real use cases. The presentation also includes a live demonstration of several components of that ‘Learning Platform’.


Social Learning; Collaboration; LMS; SLcM; SAP; Student Lifecycle Management

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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.005


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EUNIS 2013


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