Using Business Intelligence for Designing Study Programs and Aligning Marketing Efforts

Tor Fridell, Mattias Wickström


Since higher education has become subject to growing competition, universities can’t afford to sit still and wait for applicants anymore. It has become necessary to know what students you have, where they come from and what happens to them after graduation. Universities need these figures both for planning and for marketing purposes. This is a progress report of a national system that collects data about students before, during and after the studies. Data includes line of study, migration patterns, profession, type of employment, line of business, etc. The presentation will show hands-on examples of real questions used and what benefit the answers can bring to study planners and the university’s strategic planning. It also discusses the technical and judicial foundation for the collection and sharing of data.


business intelligence; study programs design; marketting efforts; higher education; university analytics


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DOI: 10.7250/eunis.2013.014


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EUNIS 2013


ISBN  978-9934-10-433-6 - online